To reduce the problem of plastic waste pollution in general and plastic straws in particular, Co Dong Phu Company has explored and developed straw products branded with the name of Co Phu Dong. The brand is named with a Vietnamese-sounding name as a unique product in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Co Phu Dong company believes that eco-friendly products will be the only choice for our life. We value the ingredients that nature has given us and above all, people deserve living in a clean and green environment. Everything we consume is geared towards harmony between man and nature.

When it comes to grass straws, we think of organic – natural – no preservatives and no pesticides and heavy metal residues. Therefore, the mission of Co Phu Dong is to make the cleanest, safest product to provide everyone easily and simply. Our grass straws are harvested from Lepironia articulate (Lepironia articulate), which is a specific grass grown in Vietnam, especially in the Mekong Delta. Lepironia articulate has drought-resistant, saline-resistant properties. The tree trunk of grass has tough characteristic and fast-growing time. Specially, green grass materials we use are harvested naturally without the need for any harmful fertilisers or pesticides and so growing it doesn’t contribute to any unwelcome elements entering ground-water. Besides, the process of production line doesn’t also use preservatives that is harmful to human health and to the environment. We ensure that it completely replaces plastic straws.


Becoming a top company in manufacturing and trading of grass straws field in term of organic farming. We are entirely confident in advertisingVietnam’s organic products to the world


Co Phu Dong Company which was established in 2018 is committed to provide customers with the best quality and the best natural products based on organic materials because we want to contribute to public health and create opportunities for development cooperation of individuals and organizations across Viet Nam and abroad.


To reduce the plastic straws and contribute to protect the envoronment, the aim of Co Phu Dong is to help customers find alternative products. We believe that good health is essential to have a happy life. Therefore, we aim to provide the highest quality natural straws in Vietnam and are committed to provide market the cleanest and safest products. With a vision of a sustainable production strategy, Phu Dong has strongly invested in developing large-scale material areas to ensure the quality of supply – meeting the strict requirements of the market. Co Phu Dong company has created 100% natural straws without preservatives. Our factory achieved ISO 22000: 2018 and HACCP quality certificates. In the future, Co Phu Dong continues researching and developing techniques in order to improve the grass straws and many environmentally friendly products.



We understand who our customers are and how our products are ordered. Therefore, we bring satisfaction and safety to customers by creating products that benefit to the community health. We always address the customer needs through solutions, supports and consulting services.


Being honest in production, doing ethical things in all business activities and the environment


We are proud of a Vietnamese brand that is being advertised domestically and internationall, especially in demanding markets such as Europe, the US and Japan by fully complying with the regulations in manufacturing process.


We always acknowledge the comments and make them come true. We always attempt to research and apply to science in improving the production teachology in manufacturing and producing better products.

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